Kerala - Culinary Tour Package

Enjoy the luscious cuisines of Kerala, embraced with the unique recipes native to the land !

Kerala Culinary Tour - 04 Nights / 05 Days

Each region of Kerala has its own unique and distinctive flavor to savor. The fecund climate of the region is conductive for the growth of some exotic edibles that serve as good ingredients for delicacies. The sea food of Kerala is simply awesome which is cooked and served with utmost care. Rice and coconut oil serve as base and main ingredient for most of Kerala cuisines. Like other South Indian states, rice and cassava (Tapioca) are the staple food of Kerala. Puttu is a favorite breakfast dish of Kerala which is made with rice flour and cooked gently with grated coconut in a hollow bamboo cylinder. Kerala culinary travel is all about fragrant spices, lurking aromas, great flavor, banana platters, colors and exotic fishes that will provide you gastronomic delights and great savor in equal measure. Relish the mouth watering cuisines and traditional delicacies of Kerala during our 05 days long Kerala culinary tour.

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary -

  • Day : 1   Arrival at Kochi

    Sabharam beverage

    Our representatives will welcome you on arrival at Kochi International Airport. You will be lodged in your hotel where you will be served Sabharam beverage. Rest of the day will be all yours. At evening, you may savor some traditional delicacies in Kerala bazaars like thoran, aviyal or pulinji. You will be served sumptuous dinner in your hotel that will have some luscious Kerala delicacies like Olen and Pachadi duirng Kerala culinary travel.

  • Day : 2   Kumarakom

    Kerala backwaters

    We will have a pleasure houseboat ride in Kerala backwaters. We will enjoy some backwater and sea food delicacies at our beachside resort and also watch the cultivation of some tropical vegetables and fruits. You can also try your hands in fishing during your houseboat cruise. At evening, you will be given a small demo about cooking methods of Kerala dishes and then a luscious dinner will be served to you.

  • Day : 3   Thekkady

    Periyar Lake at Thekkady

    We will enjoy a pleasure boat ride in Periyar Lake at Thekkady. You will be served lunch at the lakeside resort which will consist of vegetarian and sea food delicacies. At evening, you will be given demo about the cooking of Sadhya, which is a wedding feast for Kerala people. Sadhya will be served to you in dinner.

  • Day : 4   Thalassery


    Thalassery is a beautiful town known for its weaving units. You can watch ages old weaving methods here which are still practiced by the town weavers. At evening, you will be provided cooking lessons and demo about delicacies like Mussels and Thalassery Biryani. These dishes will be served to you once cooked.

  • Day : 5   Kozhikode

    Kozhikode backwater

    We will enjoy backwater cruise in Kozhikode backwaters. You will be served traditional Kerala delicacies like Kozhakatta, Payasam, Thoran, Olen, Dosa, Idiyappam etc on banana platter in lunch and dinner at your beach side resort. Some cooking tips for Kerala culinary travel and dishes will be provided to the guests at resort. Your fragrant Kerala Culinary Tour culminates here and we hope that the gastronomic delights that you enjoyed during your tour would make you come back again to Kerala to try their flavor.

    Some of the popular Kerala dishes are provided below that you will savor during your Kerala culinary tours :-

    Breakfast Delicacies:

    • Puttu : (rice powder grated with coconut, steamed in a bamboo holder)
    • Kadala : (curry of chana beans)
    • Idli : (rice pancakes)
    • Paal-Appam : (crisp edge pancake of fermented rice flour)
    • Idiyappam : (string hoppers)
    • Dosa Sambar : (Rice and pulses served with coconut chutney)

    Kerala Sweets and Desserts :

    • Payasam : (Cashew nuts and dry grapes cooked in coconut milk)
    • Unniappam : (Fried Banana Bread)
    • kozhakkatta : (Rice Stuffed with Molasses and Coconut)
    • Pazham Pori : (Sweetened Flour with Plantain Slices)

    Lunch and Dinner Delicacies

    • Thorans : (fried, gravy less dish (veg and non-veg marinated with coconut, chilies and popped mustard seeds)
    • Sadya : (traditional vegetarian banquet of boiled rice served on festivals and special occasions)
    • Rasam : (gravy of tamarind and tomato extracts)
    • Kaalan : (vegetables and semi-ripe bananas cooked in grated coconut, thick yogurt, cumin seeds and curry leaves)
    • Payasam : (a sweet dessert, served on banana leaf)
    • Pachadi : (vegetables cooked in curd having distinctive tangy taste)
    • Olen : (melon, gourd and pulses cooked in coconut milk)
    • Avial : (thick vegetables dish cooked in coconut milk)
    • Biryani, Fish Curry, Khichdi, Kappa, Karimeeri Fry, Kanji & Payaru

    Kerala Beverages

    Herbal Tea and Sabharam, which is buttermilk flavored with lime leaves and ginger are popular beverages of Kerala.

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