Kerala General Information

Kerala for sure is in many ways "incredible". She is Green, she is vibrant, she is inspiring, and most of all exceptionally beautiful. The land reclaimed from the ocean by the Lord Parashurama himself, Kerala is rightfully called the "God's own country" and all those who set foot on this blessed land admit it with great pleasure and satisfaction. It is unlikely that you will not feel the same. You will be literally dumbfounded and touched by her sheer charm and hospitality.

Kerala in all sense is a paradise. The cloud kissing mountain ranges of the Western Ghats, mighty and sparkling waterfalls, scintillating sea sides and the world�s most unique backwaters, all of which adds to the reason why Kerala is among the top 10 tourist hotspots on the whole planet.

Kerala, as we know is home to Ayurveda, thanks to its abundance of rich varieties of medicinal herbs growing in its rich soil. People from all over the world seek cure from various illness and reach Kerala in search of the traditional Ayurvedic treatments that have been practiced here by the Vaidyas [Ayurvedic Physicians] from time immemorial. Yoga, which is considered as an art of living has also been practiced in Kerala for thousands of years


Nearly 40 million people reside in Kerala.


The predicted history of Kerala dates to 4000 BC. The Australoid and the Negrito races inhabited the land then. By 700 BC the Dravidians took hold of the land followed by the arrival of Aryans by 300 BC. At the beginning of the 1st Millennium BC India had trade relations with the Roman Empire. At the same time Saint Thomas, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ reached Kerala to spread the words of Jesus and thus Christianity flourished during this period. The Cheras, Kulasekharas, the Zamorins and many other dynasties came to power over various parts of Kerala. It was in 1498, when Vasco da Gama first set his foot on the Kappad Beach at Kozhikode, the European invasion began. First, the Portuguese ruled for a long time, then the Dutch and followed by the British. The British retreated in 1947 and India was declared an independent country. It was only on November 1, 1956 a separate state of Kerala was born.


People in Kerala are known for their generous nature and unmatched hospitality. They are calm and inviting and at the same time energetic. The majority of the people belong to the Hindu community. However a large percentage of the population is Christians and Muslims along with minorities like Konkanis, Jains and Jews.


Kerala is an amazing land, vivid with one or other festivals, going on all month. The most important festivals are Onam, Thrissur Pooram Festival, Theyyam Festival, Kerala Boat Festivals, Maha Shivarathri, and Attukal Pongala Festival in Kerala, Temple festivals of Kerala, Makaravilakku Festival, and Christmas. On these festivals the whole city is embellished with flowers, color papers, mango leaves and all of Keralites will be draped in new dresses.


Kerala has an enchanting ambiance, it's mostly moistures, with rain drops kissing the land often and it the cool breeze braces us all time. The normal temperature of Kerala ranges upto 19°c to 30°c.

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