Activities in Periyar

Tiger Trail:

This is a one night or two night program conducted by the forest authority as per the request. It is a continuous hardcore trek which covers almost 25 to 35 kms of the Periyar Forest. People opting for this trek should be physically and mentally fit for this energy demanding program. It involves lot steep and downhill treks which make every healthy human to tire their legs out but as you move along you will definitely feel it is all worth it. The good thing about this program is that the guides who accompany you are former poachers within the forests who are so close to the life inside the jungle that they know every hidden wonders and ways to never get lost.

The trek includes 5 visitors, 5 trained guides and 2 forest officials. The trek starts by 9 am in the morning. The group will stay overnight in tents within the jungle and the guides will cook and serve you natural vegetarian food. The trek will end by next day noon or the day after as per the program you have chosen.

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Night Trekking:

Night Trekking is often referred by the visitors as the most adventurous activity at Periyar. No doubt it is, as you walk through the dense forest of Periyar and that too during the night which is truly challenging. Since this is a part of night patrolling, you are directly getting involved in the conservation of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The trek is usually held between 7pm and 4 am. People who are physically and mentally fit are requested to opt for this heavily adventurous and physically demanding activity. Eight persons are allowed at a time to participate in into two different groups. The group will be accompanied by two watchers and one armed forest guard.

Jungle Jeep Safari

A 3 hour jeep safari through the thick forests of Periyar is the most adventurous way to explore the woods of Periyar. It is conducted by the wildlife sanctuary authorities. You will be accompanied by well trained professional guides. You will be so close to nature and fresh air is rejuvenating and refreshing. If lucky you will come across elephants, bison and even a tiger.

Border Hiking

Border Hiking is a full day hard trek which is recommended for highly enthusiastic youngsters. Aged people who are physically fit and are hardcore nature lovers can also take part in this high altitude trekking program. It starts from morning 8 am and ends by evening. A group of 12 with two guides and an armed forest guard will trek through the thick woods of Periyar. You will come across Bear, Gaur, Elephants and some mind blowing sights of the jungle. Vegetarian snacks will be served en-route.

Nature Walk

A walk amidst the gorgeous evergreen and deciduous forests of Periyar is definitely a worthwhile experience. It mostly covers 4 to 5 km distance in 3 to 4 hours. This program is a great opportunity to spot wildlife and is highly recommended for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. A group of 5 members are taken for the tour with a trained tribal guide accompanying them.

Bamboo Rafting

This is the most sought after activity in Periyar. It is a dawn to dusk program starting from 8 am and ends by 5 pm. The activity commence from the boat landing. Once you reach the wooden rafts, hop on to the rafts and you will start floating through the Periyar Lake. As you glide through the Periyar Lake, you will enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the wildlife. You will get to see Nilgiri Langur, various birds, giant squirrel, bison, deer and likely elephants too. A group of 10 tourists accompanied by an armed forest guard and 4 guides are usually going for the Bamboo Rafting program. By 5pm the group returns back to the boat landing.

Cycling through Cardamom Hills

The best way to enjoy the serene countryside of Periyar is of course on 2 wheels. Cycling through the aromatic Cardamom Hills, the evergreen forests and through rustic villages of Periyar are all a mind-boggling experience which helps you explore deep into this part of world. You will be provided with multi-geared cycles, an accompany guide and also support vehicles, in case the tire gets punctured or if you wish to stop cycling and relax etc.

Tribal Village Visit

This is another great program to know what Periyar is made of. A day with the tribal families inside the Periyar Jungle is for sure a �once in a lifetime experience�. You will get to know some of the most ancient tribal groups including the Mannans, the Uralis and many more. You will get to know their customs, their art forms, their way of living and most importantly their cuisine, all of which are completely different from what you encounter in other regions of Kerala.

Watch Traditional Art Forms

There are many art centers in Periyar showcasing Kerala�s rich traditional art forms like Kathakali, Kalaripayattu, Mohiniyattam and many more. Zoom in to the thousands of year old dance form of Kathakali which is story telling through the means of dance, the adorable feminine dance form of Mohiniyattam and the first martial art form in the history, Kalaripayattu. You will first have an introduction to these art forms before proceeding to the performance.