Activities in Kochi

Kumbalangi Visit:

Just 10 km away from Kochi City is this serene village known as Kumbalangi. A visit to this village lets you zoom into Kerala's culture, day to day activities, taste local cuisine and most importantly it expose you to some admiring sights of the God's own country. The Kumbalangi Village activity starts off with a boat ride to the Kallancherry Island followed by a demonstration on Crab catching, Coconut processing, Coir yarn processing, Clam meat processing and Coconut leaves processing. Next up you will visit an agriculture farm spanning 12 acres of lush vegetation including coconut trees, pepper, jack fruit, orchids etc. You will come across Chinese Fishing nets and see how it is operated by the local fishermen. By noon, you will have your Kerala style lunch which is exclusively cooked for you. The activity ends with a Tuk-Tuk ride back to your vehicles.

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Enjoy Traditional Kerala Art Forms:

You can enjoy art shows featuring traditional Kerala art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Kalaripayattu and Kalari at various show centres in Kochi. You will have a detailed introduction about the art forms and their makeup routine followed by the live performance. It is really a lively experience which drives you deep into the art culture of Kerala which is truly worth applauding.

Cooking Classes:

Kerala cuisine is famous all over the world. The deliberate use of spices and the special Kerala mix leaves every traveller lick their fingers in and out and crave for more. If you want to learn to make some of the most in demand Kerala dishes there are many experts who provide cooking classes within the Kochi city. You can either have a demonstration and lunch with a local family or you can spend a day with them and learn the exquisite dishes for yourself.


Kochi is a cosmopolitan city which makes it a "go to" spot for those who love extensive shopping. There are various shopping malls within the city including the largest shopping mall in India, the Lulu Mall. Other than shopping malls there are various shopping streets where you can buy local made goods and taste some street food at cheaper rates.

Harbour Cruise:

A 2 hour boat cruise around the Kochi Harbour is a recommended activity to all tourists who visit Kochi. It is conducted during the sunset which allows you to capture some mesmerizing views of the Kochi city and nearby spots like the Marine Drive, the Wellington Island and many more. The cruise ends at the famous Chinese Fishing Nets with the setting sun at its backdrop which is a delight to your eyes and is the trademark of Kochi. An English speaking guide will accompany you. Guides speaking French, Spanish, German or Chinese is available on your request. If you are lucky you will spot some dolphins jump out of water which is a fulfilling sight for many.