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The name "Kochi" is derived from a Malayalam word "Kochanzhi" which means "a small estuary". Home to more than a 2 million people, Kochi is the commercial capital and the busiest city in the state of Kerala. People belonging to various cultures from various parts of the country live here. It is often the most preferred gateway for the tourists to the God's own country Kerala. Fort Kochi or the older Kochi is another face of Kochi which is also the historical center of the same. It is within 10 km distance from the city. The European influence in this region is evident from the architecture. This part of Kochi completely looks like a 16th century European City with the Dutch and the British influence too who succeeded the Portuguese and ruled here for a long period of time. Visit a local tea stall by the streets of Fort Kochi, sit back, sip some hot tea and enjoy the historical ambience at Fort Kochi.

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Till the first half of the second millennium BC, Kochi port was unknown to most parts of the world. It was only in the 14th century BC when the Kodungallur Port was washed off following a flood, many countries which had good trade relations with Kerala shifted to the Kochi Port. The Chinese, the Russians and also some Middle Eastern countries started using Kochi port for their business and thus marked the birth of the busiest port city in Kerala, Kochi. The history of Fort Kochi starts with the Portuguese settlement when the region was given to them by the King as a reward for helping him fight the King Samuthiri�s army of Kozhikode Kingdom. Slowly the Portuguese took power over Kochi who ruled for many years. The Dutch succeeded the Portuguese during second half of the 17th century followed by the British in the early 19th century. In 1947, the British left the country and India got its independence.

Being a metropolitan city and the commercial capital of the state, Kochi is home to people from various parts of the country belonging to various different communities. The half of the population is Hindus for sure, however there are Muslims, Christians, Jains and Buddhists too who comprise the other half of the population. Even though people here are always busy with their work earning bread and butter, they are friendly and hospitable to their visitors.

Kochi is the fastest growing second level metro cities in India. The locals rely on fishing and tourism and others work in construction, transportation, information technology, seafood business, ship building, spice trade and many other industries.

The Cochin Carnival celebrated during the last week of December, especially on the New Year eve is famous all over India. Kochi is fully decorated and illuminated this occasion and a festive ambience is spread all throughout the city. Christmas, Onam and Diwali are also celebrated widely at Kochi. The Malayattoor Perunnal and the Indira Gandhi boat race are some other major festivals at Kochi.

March, April and May are summer months in Kochi and is too hot for the tourists as the heat makes it harsh for the visitors to enjoy the great outdoors. The monsoon starts by June and lasts till September. This is also not a recommended time for the tourists. The temperature range about 24?c approximately but the heavy rain restricts your outdoor activities. The best time to make a visit to Kochi is of course during the winter when Kochi is really cool and welcoming. The temperature average around 24?c.

By Road: Kochi is well connected with state run KSRTC bus services. It connects all the major cities of Kerala. Private bus operators also run regular bus services to neighbouring cities

By Air: Kochi boasts of a world class international airport situated 30 kilometres northwest of the main city with regular flights to all major Indian cities. Direct international flights also connect Kochi with Singapore, Colombo and all major cities in the Middle East. The structure of Kochi International Airport is built in traditional Kerala architectural style and it is the first airport in India that was built with private partnership.

By Rail: Ernakulam Junction is the major railway station of Kochi. Apart from this, there is a railhead viz. Harbour Terminus at Willington Island & Ernakulam Town Railway station at the North.

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